Aurora, Colorado

Covenants, Bylaws & Articles of Incorporation

Please see below for the various legal documents pertaining to the Andover Glen Homeowners' Association.

Rentals restrictions in Andover Glen amendment
The "limited amendment to the amended and restated declaration of covenants, conditions and restrictions for Andover Glen", pertaining to rental restrictions, is now passed and available here and in the "Homeowner Resources" area of the website. If you have questions about this topic, please contact any HOA board member.

Any questions about the city regulations should be addressed to the City of Aurora Tax & Licensing Division at 303-739-7800.

Proposed Covenant Change Regarding Driveways

The votes on the covenant amendment relating to driveway widths were counted at the 6/20/07 board meeting. There were 23 votes in favor and 40 votes opposed to the change, so the amendment has failed. The vote was required by a petition signed by about 50 of our homeowners. Costs of the vote, including attorney fees and postage, were over $2,100.

Andover Glen Homeowners' Association v. Randell Lawsuit

A lawsuit regarding the driveway of the property at 14114 E Layton Drive belonging to Hysear and Trudy Randell was completed in August 2007. You can find the decree here.

Policies & Procedures

The Andover Glen Homeowners' Association policies and procedures have been developed as required by SB 100 and updated as required by SB 89.The board of Directors has also adopted a Code of Conduct at the January 2022 meeting, to be followed by all board members. Please see below for the policies & procedures related documents.